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What Is Amlodipine
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What Is Amlodipine

Related post: Code 021 is not an eligibility status code. It is returned if your transaction to cancel a previously accepted claim has been accepted. 003 Eligible Only Outpatient Care 005 Eligible Capitation Guarantee Only 007 Emergency Services Only 008 Presumptive Eligible Long-Term/Hospice 009 Medicare Coinsurance Deductible Only 010 Eligible Except Nursing Facility Services 013 Presumptive Eligibility Prenatal A 014 Presumptive Eligibility Prenatal B 016 MA Eligible-HR-Utilization Threshold 017 Amlodipine 5 Family Health Plus Services Amlodipine Mg Purchase Amlodipine Online Only 018 Family Planning Services Only 021 Record Canceled � Cancels a Previously Accepted 034 Community Coverage with Community Based Long 035 Community Coverage without Long Term Care 036 Outpatient Coverage with Community Based Long 037 Outpatient Coverage without Long Term Care 038 Outpatient Coverage with No Nursing Facility June Buy Cheap Amlodipine 2008 9.0.1 MEVS Accepted Codes - Table 1 10.0 MEVS DENIAL CODES - TABLE 2 (Rev. 07/09) All of the following codes are MEVS Denial Codes. Their presence in your response area means the entire transaction has been rejected. If a MEVS Denial Code has a comparable NCPDP Reject Code, both codes Generic Amlodipine will be returned. If there is no comparable code, then NCPDP code 85, "Claim Not Processed" is returned along with the MEVS Code. In those cases, the MEVS Denial Code will further qualify the reason for the claim being rejected. The following chart indicates the relationship between the MEVS Denial Code and any comparable NCPDP Reject Code, if one applies. Code 999 will be returned if any invalid data is entered in the NCPDP required header fields. For example, an entry of 05 in the Transaction Code field will result in an MEVS Denial Code 999 being returned since it exceeds the number Amlodipine 5 Mg of claims authorized to be sent in a transaction. Also included is a description and relevant comments about the CODE DESCRIPTION CODE DESCRIPTION 001 Not MA Eligible 65 Patient is Not Covered 030 Expired Card 07 M/I Cardholder ID Number 031 Invalid Card Status 07 M/I Cardholder ID Number 033 Non-Current Card 07 M/I Cardholder ID Number 045 No Authorization Found 87 What Is Amlodipine Reversal Not Processed 050 * Alternate Access Not Allowed * 051 Invalid Provider Number 05 M/I Pharmacy Number 052 Provider Not on File 50 Non-Matched Cheap Amlodipine Pharmacy 053 SSN Access Not Allowed 07 M/I Cardholder ID Buy Amlodipine Besylate Number 054 Provider Cannot Access by * 055 Provider Not Order Amlodipine Eligible * 056 * Re-enter Ordering Provider 25 M/I Prescriber ID 059 Buy Amlodipine * Invalid Profession Code 25 M/I Prescriber ID 061 * Invalid Access Number 07 M/I Cardholder ID Number 062 * Invalid Medicaid Number 07 M/I Cardholder ID Number 063 * Invalid Sequence Number 08 M/I Person Code 065 Recipient Not on File 52 Non Matched Cardholder ID 066 Disqualified Ordering Provider 25 M/I Prescriber ID 067 Deceased Ordering Provider 25 M/I Prescriber ID 068 Invalid Ordering Provider 25 M/I Prescriber ID 071 Invalid Date 15 M/I Date of Service July 2009 10.0.1 MEVS Denial Codes - Table 2 CODE DESCRIPTION CODE DESCRIPTION 092 Invalid Specialty Code 05 M/I Pharmacy Number 100 * Invalid Referring Provider Number 35 M/I Primary Care Provider ID 101 * Restricted Recipient No Auth 35 M/I Primary Care Provider ID 103 No Coverage: Pending Family 65 Patient Not Covered 104 No Coverage: Excess Income 65 Patient Not Covered 105 QMB Requires Medicare Approval 65 Patient Buy Amlodipine Online Not Covered 118 * MCCP Recipient No Auth 35 M/I Primary Care Provider ID 300 Service Date Prior to Birthdate 09 M/I Birthdate 302 Provider Ineligible Service on Date * 303 Prior Approval Indicated EV M/I Prior Authorization Number Denied/Rejected by NYS Submitted 304 Recipient ID Unequal to Prior EV M/I Prior Authorization Number 305 Child Care Recipient � Bill Agency * 307 Prior Approval Units or Payment * 308 Service Date Not Within Prior * 309 Claim Type Unequal to Prior * 312 Pregnancy Indicated � Invalid for * Recipient Sex or Age 313 Provider Reimbursed for Medicare * 314 Recipient Not QMB, Services Not * 315 Recipient Not Medicare, Services * 316 Claim Previously Order Amlodipine Online Paid Using * 318 Prescribing Provider License Not in 25 M/I Prescriber ID 320 Other Insurance Information DV 321 Pharmacy Service Included In Out-* 322 Online Adjustments/Rebills Not * Allowed For DVS Items/Drugs July 2009 10.0.2 MEVS Denial Codes - Table 2 CODE DESCRIPTION CODE DESCRIPTION 323 Processor Control Number Needed * for Rebill/Reversal of Paid Claim 324 The system or file necessary to 92 System Unavailable process the transaction is currently 325 Pharmacy Service Included in In-* 326 Pend For State Review � * 700 * Year of Birth Not Equal to File 09 M/I Birthdate 701 Sex Not Equal to File 10 M/I Patient Gender Code 702* ECCA Not Allowed 81 Claim too Old 04 M/I Processor Control Number 703 * Invalid PIN 04 M/I Processor Control Number 704 * Invalid ETIN 04 M/I Processor Control Number 999 Header Field Error * * For further explanation and examples of error conditions refer to Table 2 Error Chart * NCPDP equivalent reject code does not exist. Code 85 "Claim Not Processed" will * Several Different NCPDP Reject Codes could be returned with MEVS Code 999. These Reject Codes will indicate which header field is in error. July 2009 10.0.3 MEVS Denial Codes - Table 2 TABLE 2 ERROR CHART (Rev. 06/08) Key: b = Blanks/Spaces Left Justify = Begin in First Position on Left EXAMPLES OF COMMON ERRORS BEING MEVS CODE NCPDP CODE CORRECT ENTRY MADE / COMMENTS 050 None None - No entry 1. In order to access the DUR/ECCA made online system you must choose an 2. Code 050 will be returned if Purchase Amlodipine your provider number has not been updated with your selected access method on the Amlodipine Online eMedNY contractors 3. In order to be updated on the production file, you must have: A) Notified the eMedNY contractor
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